by Inertia.

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Opening statement:
The purpose of Inertia. is to exist outside the confines of a conventional band of musicians. Our goal is to bridge awareness between biased opinions of opposing extremist view points and begin legitimate communication between members of diverse doctrines of thought and belief systems. With this collection of songs we aim to create the foundation for our communication and hope they will help provoke new ideas to be shared and developed by no other influence outside of yourself. It is more important to us that your conclusions are drawn through your own thought processes rather than blindly adopting ideas and slogans that have been repeated time and time again.
We do not claim to have the answers regarding the topics in our lyrical content. We hope that with your participation and passion we could arrive at realistic and tangible solutions for change. The dilemmas of our society are no longer drawn in black and white, so why should our solutions still be? Awareness should be nurtured and raised if there is any hope for our progression.


released July 14, 2011

Inertia. is Ryan Treppedi and Stephen Dzikowski



all rights reserved
Track Name: Initial Action
Pamphlets and protests all begging you for change
A thoughtless call to action that perpetuates the same
Systematic ways to control the human race
By injecting you with fear and guilt and handing you the blame

Initial Action must be thought

Your ego, the thought of fame is hindering the cause
Policing the rebellion with unwritten rules and laws
Measuring the sympathy of activists alike
With elitist grand delusions of wrong and what is right

Activists looking for change should realize that the efforts of our actions will not be seen overnight.
Awareness should be supported and nurtured into a decision. One of the biggest elements against our progression is our collective indifference.
Track Name: Silent Scorn
Flag of acceptance
Sewn with deceit
Release your true views
Behind Anonymity
Perpetuate the ignorance
That we should stand against
You’re too cowardly to walk the line
So you stand upon the fence

Where is the logic to your thought?
Don’t let negative experience commandeer your thoughts
Don’t be a fucking pawn, the division we create
Why do you judge a human being from the color of their face?
Track Name: Prophecies Unfulfilled
Raised on Hooks, Pulled from the womb
Hide behind symbols you place on your tomb
On marionettes of hate and deceit
Let tradition restrict the life that you lead

Shepherd the Herd
Nurture the Lies
Bite the Fruit
The truth remains denied

Prophecize the fate we await
Coerce the weak with the fear you create
Bastardize your message of faith
With your twisted beliefs as template for your hate
Track Name: Contravene
Feminism is a movement already under constant scrutiny from detractors and opposition alike. Using this flag of resistance as a vehicle for your blind hatred towards others simply turns our efforts into actions gone to waste

Please don’t abuse the influence you’ve gained
A gross misuse that prevents any change

Silencing and censoring the opinions of others not only shows your true cowardice but also the true agenda of your activism. Deeply rooted in hate, you counteract our progress with your rigid militant views and unfounded “facts” while generalizing an entire group of human beings like you and I.

***An example of how to hinder the cause you are fighting for. There's a distinction between attempts at progress and bias rage. Think about the results you wish to achieve before you act:
Track Name: Progression Through Destruction
Kill or be killed, No one’s saved
Progress through death, pave the way

We survive on the death of other cultures
We create in the ashes of the wake
Pro-create, reducing quality of life
Our fate, destined to fucking die