Inertia​.​/​/​Sunrot Split

by Inertia.

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released June 6, 2015

Inertia. side recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nicholas Sudol

Sunrot side recorded/engineered by Dan Rivas @ The Meatlocker
Mixed/mastered by Dan Rivas & Peter August

Cover art by Christopher Eustaquio



all rights reserved
Track Name: Patior Ergo Sum
Drag myself, through the scourge
Pleading to be all consumed by the earth
Thoughtlessness; our new still birth
A reckless conception now left in the dirt
Growing roots of spite and disgust
Awaiting the moment to exploit our bloodlust
Weakness fills the heart of mankind
Brace for collapse as we squander our time
I can’t feel anything anymore
I can’t hear anyone who implores
To retreat from paving over the earth
Can’t you see, we’re only worth what we leave
Track Name: Everything Suffers
Contagion incarnate
A withering soul
A worthless façade of compassion
An aging fray of the hull
The useless endeavor
To just populate and infest
A weakness discovered
Your ego won’t escape death
Death cannot be governed
And knows no bias or time
In this natural justice
You can only wait for the end
Everything suffers
Track Name: Leave Me Where The Light Does Not Follow
Bury me in the ash and dirt
Of the vile formidable worms
Build new concepts above the ruin
Bleed me onto the roots that are now growing
And leave me
Leave me where the light does not follow
Feel extinction breathe upon your heavy chest
Stars, burn out on me
Track Name: Sunrot - Waves of Hell
I wake up drowning in waves of hell.
I’m sinking, pulled under by waves of hell.
Every moment my lungs are filling.
Nerves drenched in flames, panic ignites as I wait
for the current to take me away.
Beneath the towering gaze of my own fear
I feel the choking pains of the shattered self.
My stinging eyes look up to empty skies,
I inhale embers of a world burned down.
The ebb and flow annihilate.
Existence is flickering.
Swelling, scorching, blazing riptides crashing down on me.

“Have you ever seen fire at zero gravity? It’s beautiful. It’s like liquid, slides all over everything, comes up in waves. And they just kept hitting him, wave after wave.”
Track Name: Sunrot - Trigger Warning
You are a fucking traitor.
Once blood, now you’re ash.
They let your body rot like mine does inside,
no way to sanitize lesions left from the touch of the wicked.
Now shame confines me to the shadows of the secrets crushing me.
You killed the innocent.
You took my certainty.
What happened to warrant this violation?
There was no warning, you put the gun to my head.
My finger on the trigger, the barrel on my tongue.
I don’t have to concede cause you are the one who’s dead to me.